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Sports consumers are hungrier than ever for more information and deep analysis. No longer satisfied with the tired cliches and simplistic fantasy-style stats, fans want smarter analysis and they want it instantly. Advanced Football Analytics features a wide variety of cutting edge statistics, analysis products, and data-driven visualizations that provide real meaning and context rather than trivia and minutia.

Viewers are turning to the second screen for rich information and penetrating analysis, and AFA has what they're looking for. If your organization is providing consumers statistics, you might as well give them the clearest, most meaningful, and most insightful ones. AFA provides clearly explained, intuitively compelling stats for all aspects of the sport and for every position--not just fantasy positions.

One of our custom APIs can feed instant analysis and statistics to your organization. There's no limit to the interesting applications possible across every platform--web, mobile, television. 

You don't need a team of researchers and developers to offer your consumers the very best in football analytics. With tools and models from AFA, you can instantly tap into the most proven and respected source for advanced analysis. By combining AFA's features with a feed of live game play-by-play data, you can offer your consumers instant access to the information they crave and take their level of engagement up a notch.

Some of AFA's features available for licensing include:

Advanced player and team statistics

Which defense is much better than their conventional stats suggest? Which unsung player has made the biggest impact on his team's success? Which team has been the luckiest this season? AFA's arsenal of statistics include Win Probability Added, Success Rate, Tackle Factor and many more.

Live win probability graphs

This popular features lets viewers track each team's fortunes second by second. The live graphs are the perfect companion for the infovore fan. Which plays really made the difference in the outcome? Was it the flashy highlight-worthy catch or a subtly crucial 3-yard first down conversion that burned enough clock to seal the win?

Team rankings and game predictions

AFA offers the clearest, most accurate and objective game predictions. Our data-based predictions are refreshingly hype-free.

Playoff projections

Which teams are going to make the playoffs and why? AFA's projections have the answers. Our playoff projections update live during games. 

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