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Weekly game probabilities for week 7 are now up at Sports on Earth. Probabilities are  purely based on current-season stats including core efficiency rates, turnover rates, penalty rates, and are adjusted for opponent strength to-date.

Please remember that the projected scores are not to be taken terribly seriously. Do not bet the mortgage on them as they are not intended to graded against the spread. They are simply a "maximum-plausibility" estimate given respective team scoring tendencies.

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  • Guest - tom

    Gee, the Machine really went out on a limb. This is the NFL, any given Sunday, no usets???

  • Guest - Ray Rice

    You guys are experts? Seem like monkeys throwing darts. Anyone else care to comment?

    "Dalton continues to play out of his mind, even without star WR A.J. Green. Accounting for Green's absence, the Bengals have a slightly better passing attack than Indy and a clear advantage on defense. This game will have implications in January."

    "San Diego's weaknesses are its running game on both sides of the ball, but Kansas City's numbers don't suggest they'll be able to take advantage."

    "The Rams should be required to wear those uniforms every game. They're the only interesting thing about the team."