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My full analysis of "The Call," including insight from from the WOPR Simulator can be found at Slate. Read it while it's hot--It's currently among the most read articles, up there with Why Does Hellmann's Mayonnaise Taste Different Than It Used To? and Help! My 11-Year Old Daughter Wants To Shave Her Legs. Is She Too Young? Here is a sample of my thoughts:

...Had Seattle run on second down and failed, it would have had to use its final timeout. This would mean that New England would know a pass was very likely on third down. If that had happened, the Internet would now be bashing Carroll for an entirely different reason...

...So I ran the situation through a game simulation. The simulator plays out the remainder of the game thousands of times from a chosen point—in this case from the second down on. I ran the simulation twice, once forcing the Seahawks to run on second down and once forcing them to pass. I anticipated that the results would support my logic (and Carroll’s explanation) that running would be a bad idea. It turns out I was wrong...

And by the way, it doesn't taste any different. It's just your imagination. And 11 is too young. Wait until 13.

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