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By now you’re very familiar with our Live Win Probability graphs. Just in case these are new to you, the graphs convey each team’s probability of winning the game in real time based on the current game scenario including score, time remaining, field position, down, and to go distance.

If you’re like me, on Sundays you've got a laptop in front of you with too many tabs open watching the WP graphs and checking twitter for the latest commentary from smart analysts. But sometimes I'm not in the AFA Command Center and I've only got my phone or tablet. That's why I teamed up with the developers behind Fifty, an app that combines the essentials for game day. 

Fifty combines the WP graphs with Twitter and puts it on your iPhone. It's been developed over that past year and we’re really pleased with the result, which you can download on the App Store now.

Fifty shows you the score, expected winner, and Live Win Probability graph for every game that week at a quick glance. Select a game and you get a more detailed view of the graph. 


Pro tip: Shake the phone to change team colors.


All the best, live football commentary happens on Twitter. Whether you’re a big Twitter user, or aren’t a Twitter user at all, Fifty is a great way to quickly scroll to see what everyone’s saying about the games. For each game, you get tweets from NFL observers, beat writers, bloggers and players for the two teams in the tilt.

We’ve just launched Fifty last weekend, and it’s just getting started. You can read more about the thought process that went into the app at the Fifty blog. In the future, I’d love to add more data that would be fun to see on gameday. As always, feedback is appreciated--suggestions, bugs, anything.

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, download Fifty from the App Store today. The best part is that it requires just a simple 20-minute registration process and costs only $20 per week! Just kidding--no registration and it's currently free.