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Brian Burke is back for the final AFA podcast of the 2014-15 NFL season. Brian and Dave discuss the Patriots deflated ball controversy with a quick recap of high school physics before analyzing the key analytical storylines of Super Bowl XLIX.  They look at the potential role of football analytics in television broadcasts, break down the key matchups on both sides of the ball, beg listeners to go read some other website and not crash the AFA server, and finish up the show by predicting which team will be crowned the 2015 Super Bowl champion.

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  • People seem to love the percentages in poker. I don't think that there's a real comprehension hurdle with "win probability."

    With an appreciation for the care and effort that goes into the analysis, I don't think that there's enough of a consensus about the win probability for a particular football context for an organization like NBC to put this version of it on the screen over the others. (Especially considering that people are liable to gamble based on the percentages.)

  • I forgot to add: Thank you for the podcasts. I enjoy them very much.