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Everyday during the month of October, I'll be marking the re-launch of AFA by highlighting a feature here at the site. To help re-build the AFA community, please spread the word. Tell your friends and follow AFA on TwitterFacebook, or via RSS

I've already highlighted the 4th Down Bot as a feature of the day, so I can't leave the 4th Down Calculator out of the mix. This tool allows you to quickly get a full analysis of any 4th down situation you like. The calculator does two independent analyses, one based on the Expected Point model and another based on the Win Probability model. The tool is based on version 1.x of the WP model, but team clients get access to the new WP model which considers timeouts and a number of other improvements.

The calculator doesn't say Go, Punt, or Kick in black and white. Instead it produces a comparison of the total expected value of each alternative along with a break-even probability of success needed for a conversion attempt to be worthwhile. 

Here's the link: The 4th Down Calculator.