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Welcome to the new home of AFA. Things are a little different, but as you can tell all the features are in their usual places. I tried to keep the changes to a minimum.

As I redesigned the site with a new look and feel I realized there was nothing wrong with the old one, so I'm keeping as much of the old design as I can. I prefer clean, well-organized sites without a lot of clutter. I don't like the way ads clutter things up, so I've removed most of them. 

You probably noticed the Login menu item up there. That's one of the main reasons the site needed to switch platforms. The log ins are for team and media clients to access special features and tools of the site. This includes direct access to the simulation engine and the new win probability model. The new format will allow much greater flexibility with fan-oriented content as well.


Feel free to create an account, but for now it doesn't get you anything. In a few days I plan to have registered users be able to skip the spam controls in the comments. There will be some additional benefits as well. Don't worry--I won't spam you for any reason.

But rest assured that all content you have come to expect including the tools, widgets, models, calculators, articles, and stats will remain free. A couple of the features from the old site are still being migrated, such as the WP graph archive from previous seasons. But everything will be available here soon. 

The web address will continue to be

The twitter handle will remain @Adv_NFL_Stats.

The site's feed will change to  (or ...&type=atom, depending on your preference.)

The podcast feed will continue to be

For now, older content will continue to be hosted at (coming soon).

The site's new format is what's known as 'responsive', which means it automatically adjusts according to the size of your screen. In other words it's very mobile friendly.